UEFA Foundation Activity Report 2015/16.

Tireless work that has had a significant impact in Europe and across the world – using football and the game’s popularity as a powerful force for social good – is portrayed in the UEFA Foundation for Children activities report for 2015/16.

The foundation, which began its operations on 24 April 2015, holds true to solid objectives – to help children and protect their rights, mainly through sport in general and football in particular.

It has provided considerable support in areas such as health, education, access to sport, personal development, integration of minorities and defending children’s rights.

Today, the project is supporting 51 projects in 44 countries – and 500,000 children and young adults have benefited as a result.

Through facts, figures, statistics and images, an impressive picture emerges in the report – underlining just why the foundation was such a necessary step for UEFA, and how it will continue to make a crucial difference to children’s lives and leave lasting legacies in the future.