December 10 is #HumanRightsDay. #standup4humanrights  #peaceballproject Together, let’s take action for greater freedoms, stronger respect and more compassion

Many of us are fearful about the way the world is heading. Messages of intolerance and hatred prey on our fears. But we can change the course by reaffirming our common humanity and taking action to support everyone’s human rights.


We regularly receive comments here that say “I support human rights except those of <PEACEBALLPROJECT> community/identity.” Our new campaign calls on everyone to “Stand Up for Someone’s Rights Today”. You don’t have to like me to respect my rights. I don’t have to agree with you to uphold your rights. You don’t have to be like me, for me to protect your rights. Human rights are not a system of endorsement or appreciation. They are innate dignities – birth-rights. Inalienable. Our internationally agreed, tried and tested – definition of what it is to exist as a human being! #StandUp4HumanRights, unconditionally, and compassionately